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6 Ways To Keep Your Microwave In Good Condition

Our microwave is one of the many appliances we use on a daily basis. We depend on our microwaves so much, but we hardly think about microwave maintenance to prolong the life and performance. Microwave maintenance can go a long way. On average, a microwave usually lasts about 6 years if taken care of. Luckily, you can easily apply the following 6 ways to keep your microwave running smooth.

Microwave Maintenance Tips

1: Weekly Cleaning

The simplest way to keep your microwave working well is to clean it on a weekly basis. Sometimes we can spill liquids or even food, which if not cleaned, it could produce burn spots and absorb some of your microwave’s power. When left unclean, it can damage internal components. Only use temperature room soapy water, vinegar or lemon solutions. These same cleaning solutions can be applied to the exterior of the microwave. Always keep the microwaves turntable clean to avoid any damage to your appliance.

2: Using Safe Microwave Dishes


Always use Microwave Safe Dishes. The following dishware made by these materials should never be used in a microwave; metal, silver, or any foil dishware.

There are many microwave safe products on the market that prevent personal injury and microwave damage

3: Carefully Using Your Microwave Door

At times when were in a hurry to eat our meal. We slam our microwave door. Causing damage to your appliance door latches. Which could cause your door not to shut and preventing it from working. The microwave door seal can also be damaged causing some energy to escape. Which could possibly cost a pricey repair.   

Be careful when Using the Microwave Door. At times in a hurry to eat our meal, we can slam the door which causes damage to the door latches. This can cause your door not to shut, preventing it from closing correctly. The microwave door seal can also be damaged causing energy to escape. This can become a pricey repair..


4: Running with out a Turntable Tray

Running the microwave without a turntable glass tray: Surprisingly, some people will forget to place the customized turntable dish inside the microwave, running the microwave with out anything inside. This can causing internal parts to be damaged when the appliance is ran this way. That’s because it causes the energy to be absorbed by its own parts. Sometimes in this situation the repair can cost more than the appliance value. Making it more affordable to replace the whole unit.

5: Always Use A surge protector

Always Use A surge protector: Any electric appliance can damaged if a over voltage occurs. Usually caused by grid switching possibly caused by your electric utility company. The most powerful surges can be caused by lightning. Try to unplugging your microwave when not in use. Surge protectors can protect your electric appliance. Well worth every penny to protect your investment.

6: Look For Maintenance help

Look For Maintenance help: Our microwave saves us time every day and should really be taken care of. That’s why we encourage you to practice basic routine maintenance. According to Oceanside Appliance Repairs, regular maintenance to your microwave can keep your microwave working smoothly for a long time. At times basic repairs can arise, such as latches or filters. These repairs can be performed by your local appliance repair company.


   Conclusion: Our final conclusion is when applying these 6 simple tips you will prolong the life of your microwave. To avoid any damage to your appliance or home, never use these two materials that can cause a fire in your home if used inside the microwave. Napkins and plastic bags. These release toxic fumes that can cause a fire. We recommend getting your microwaved inspected by a professional appliance repair company at least once a year. You should leave all appliance repairs to a professional to avoid any additional damage or personal injury.