Dryer Not Heating & The Most Common repairs

A Few Reasons Your Dryer Is Not Heating

You open your dryer’s door to find out that your clothes are still wet. Then you ask yourself. How to fix a dryer not heating? Is it worth repairing my dryer? How much those it cost to repair a dryer? How can i call to repair my dryer near me? Luckily we have been repairing appliances in San Diego County since 2001. The following are many reasons that your dryer could not be heating. Dryer Not Heating Repair San Diego

First thing you need to know before working on your dryer. Is the brand and if you have an electric or gas Dryer. Always disconnect the dryer from the power source. If dealing with a gas dryer make sure the gas is off.  Carefully pull the dryer forward and be careful with your vent connection and possible gas line. Inspect the back of the dryer and search for any connected gas line to the dryer. They should always be a gas shut-off. If you see a 240 electrical cord behind the dryer you’re dealing with an electric dryer. Next, you want to know your model number and serial number. You can always find that information on your door inside, the back of the control board, or the door itself. That information is necessary to order the appliance parts needed. Or to request any appliance repair service.  

Faulty Dryer Thermal Fuse 

The most common repair that all of Oceanside Appliance Repairs technicians have found. Is the dryer thermal fuse.  Out of 5 dryer repair service calls 3 were bad thermal fuse. A bad dryer thermal fuse can prevent the dryer from heating or even starting.  Normally the fuse can be the shape of a white oval or black disc. One of the reasons the thermal fuse could have gone out is the lack of airflow. To check the fuse you would need a multimeter. Check for continuity and if there is none replace the fuse. You can easily replace the fuse for 5-10 dollars. If the meter reads OL replace the fuse.

Dryer Vent Is Clogged

If you see your dryer’s vent full of lint buildup. Clean the lint out and check to see if the dryer is working properly.  That could cause the dryer thermal fuse to burn out. You can also check for good airflow. By checking the exhaust vent. Go outside and check to see you have airflow. If when going to check outside you noticed low airflow. You might need to clean or replace your venting. If the airflow is good but the air is cold or not hot enough. Continue checking other dryer components or call for local dryer repair near you. 

Dryer Blow Wheel

On some rare occasions, the dryer’s blower wheel could be bad. Which you can easily check out with a visual inspection. Inspected for lint or cracks. A dryer blow wheel can cost around 20-90 dollars. Which depends on your model. If you have heard a high-pitched noise. Then you might want to check the wheel first. Sometimes it can take up to several drying cycles to dry your clothes properly. Which can make your electric bill go up. 

Dryer Operating Thermostat 

The dryer thermostat can be another reason your dryer is not heating or even getting too hot. It’s in charge of shutting your dryer’s heat on and off. It could be stuck on the on position causing the dryer to overheat. It can also be stuck on the off position. Causing your dryer to not get hot at all and  Just to blow cold air. You can also check the dryer thermostat with a multimeter for continuity. Make sure to only check the big connectors. Be aware that some dryers could have a few thermostats. 

Gas Igniters

Gas Dryer igniter Repair In San Diego Oceanside

Gas dryers have igniters that are usually inside the burner. You can easily locate it by looking for the connection. Unplug the connection with a flat head and check for continuity or resistance. If it reads OL replace the igniter. OL means the igniter is burned out. 

Dryer Gas Valve Coils

The gas valve coils are fairly cheap to replace. First located the coils which are on top of the gas valve. Take off the two screws and unplug the two black coils. Test them with a multimeter for resistance. Make sure to check the second coil carefully. Since your checking three connections. Check in the following order. Left to right, left to middle, and middle to right. 

Dryer Flame Sensor

On some occasions, the dryer flame sensor needs to be replaced. Unplug the sensor and check for continuity. If the multimeter reads OL replace the flame sensor. 

Electric Dryer Has No Power

You might be dealing with a bad power source. Check your outlet with a multimeter and Make sure to have it in the proper setting. Since it could blow your multimeter and then you have to replace it. So make sure you have it in the voltage setting.

Dryer Heating Element Repair San Diego
dryer heating element repair In Oceanside San Diego

Make sure to test your dryer heating element. Inspect the heating element wires. If any defect replaces the heating element. the heating element is in charge of heating the air going into the dryer. 

Clogged Dryer Filter

Clogged Dryer Filter Repair In Oceanside San Diego

If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned out the dryer air filter. It might be a good idea to check it. make sure is not clogged and if needed. Wash the filter with dish soap and water. A clogged filter can prevent the dryer from drying the clothes completely. Since the filter is a part of the hot airflow system. 

Appliance Repair Help 

Get some professional appliance repair help. From your local appliance repair company. We can always do a simple search like appliance repair near me. To get the nearest appliance repair assistance in your area. Normally any appliance repair company offers a free dryer diagnosis with the repair. Some appliance repair companies offer over-the-phone estimates.