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 Imagine coming home after a long day of work. Just to find out your washing machine won’t work. You need clean clothes for daily life and need a quick solution. It can be frustrating not having a way to wash your clothes. Then you ask your self is it worth repairing my washer machine? You have to consider the time it can take and the expense of the repair. If you bought a $100. dollar Craiglist washer and you expect to pay less for the repairs. You might be in for a surprise. Luckily not all washer machine problems are major. Some can just be a quick minor washer repair. Sometimes catching your washer’s malfunctions can prevent major washer repairs. The following is a list of symptoms your washer could have and if so it might be a good time to contact an appliance repair technician.

Washer Machine Making Loud Noise

If your washer machine is making loud screeching or banging sounds. You know you have a problem. Most likely the drum bearings, filter, or motor of your washer is faulty. But don’t panic it could just be your washer’s bearings being loose or even an item stuck in your washer’s rubber components. If you hear the noise when your washer is spinning inspect the bearings. They could be worn out. If you hear it when the water is draining then check your water pump. Sometimes it could be something stuck in there. Don’t forget to clean your washer’s filter. Have a professional appliance repair company like Oceanside Appliance Repairs inspect your washer machine.

Washer Machine Won’t Stop Filling

Ever wondered how much water your washer uses per load? Washer machines could use 19 gallons of water per load. Now imagine your washer overflowing and the damage it could cost. Our appliance repair technicians have dealt with this problem many times. We found that most of the time you could be dealing with a bad water level switch, water inlet valve, pressure hose, or your washer main control board. Try checking your pressure hose it might just be clogged. If that’s not the problem check for continuous power from your inlet valve terminal to your water level switch. With a handy multimeter probe. If that checks out. Now move to check your washer’s inlet valve.  Check to see if any visual damage or debris. If none is present Run the following simple test to determine to see is faulty. First, you want to start your washer and let it start filling up. Wait a minute and disconnect the washer. If you noticed the washer is still filling replace your inlet valve. If you haven’t found your solution contact a professional to diagnose your washer. You could be dealing with a faulty control board. Which could be a major repair. 

Washer Machine Is Not Cleaning Properly

If you start noticing your clothes not getting clean like before. The first thing you might want to check is the line that leads from your detergent tray to your drum. If you use powder detergent sometimes it could clog that line. That’s one of the reasons we recommend using liquid soap. If you only have powder detergent you could use put it directly on top of your clothes. Sometimes you could be just overloading your washer. Causing your clothes not to wash properly. If that’s not the case consider cleaning the washer’s tub with vinegar and soap. Check the draining hose to make sure the dirty water can come out.


Washer Machine Is Leaking

If your washing machine started leaking first thing to do is to pinpoint the leak. Your washer could be leaking from the bottom, back, top, or even front. If your washer is leaking from the back, check to see if you got any loose hoses, clogged hoses, or damaged drain hoses. If you have a front load washer and it’s leaking from the front. Make sure you’re not using too much detergent, that your washer is leveled correctly, check your door hinges or that your door seal is not damaged. Sometimes your washer soap drawer could be leaking. Due to undissolved powder detergent or even too much water pressure.

Washer Machine Not Spinning Properly

They are a few reasons why your washer machine is not spinning. It could be that your washer’s motor is just burned, your washer might not be draining correctly, the lid switch is broken, you have a heavy load, or simply dealing with a broken drive belt. Sometimes your filter or the hose connects to the water pump. Could be clogged and with poor water drainage. The washer machine won’t spin. Inspecting your motor for broken carbon brushes can be more tricky and might require assistance. From a professional appliance repair company.

Washer Machine won’t Start

It’s hard to believe but sometimes your washer could unplug itself. Preventing your washer from starting. Make sure it’s connected. If your washer is connected test the outlet with another device. Just to make sure there is power going to the washer. If the device you plugged into that same outlet gets power. You can now know that you don’t have a blown fuse in your washer. Now you have to make sure you’re not dealing with a broken motor, a faulty control board, a bad door switch, or a broken control knob. Washer machine problems require attention from a local washer repair company. Which can save you time and money. Find the nearest appliance repair company and schedule your appliance repair appointment.